Success requires changes in behavior and the ability to commit to those changes. Your weight loss will require commitment and consistency. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to succeed.

Initial Consultation

At your first meeting, you will learn your body composition and we will discuss your goals. It is important to know where you are starting: your weight, body composition and tendencies. At the first meeting, your coaches will help design the optimal system for you.

Your System

Your coaches will create a system designed for your success. We will assist to stay focused and motivated while achieving your goals. If you like snacks, we can include that. It’s a customized system just for you.

Weekly Check-Ins

Each week, you and your coach will review your results. This is your time to review your progress of the previous week and make adjustments as needed.

Reach Your Optimal Weight!

Once you reach your goal, we won’t abandon you. You will have access to your coaches, your plan, the foods and techniques that got you to the finish line.

Maintain It

You want tools to succeed in keeping your weight off and optimizing your health. Come in anytime to check your body composition and your progress. Ask us about a good recipe for chicken, or beef, or broccoli. We have hundreds to choose from. Our doors will always be open to you with the same support and encouragement that got you to a Better U.

The Better U system is a simple and straightforward approach to help our clients achieve their optimal weight through food, education and lifestyle changes.

Disclaimer : Results may vary.

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