The Science Behind Our System

The Better U Today nutritional approach allows the body to burn fat efficiently while avoiding fat storage. This is based on the fact that carbohydrates are the major drivers for fat storage and the development of obesity, and reducing carbohydrates allows stored fat to be used as energy.

When humans eat carbohydrates (grains, bread, rice, pasta, fruits, or potatoes – anything sweet or starchy), these foods are very quickly converted into glucose (a sugar) and the pancreas reacts by quickly releasing insulin (a hormone) into the system, with the intended effect that the blood sugar normalizes.  Unfortunately, this insulin release also causes this sugar to be stored as fat, thus blocking the use of fat for energy, with the result that the person gradually gains weight.

When carbohydrates are intentionally kept low, and healthy fats are increased, there is less glucose being produced.  So insulin levels stay low, and fats are burned as “ketone bodies.”

Protein levels are kept at adequate levels to help maintain muscle mass and hunger control.

This improved fuel balance of higher protein and fats, with lower carbohydrates, leads to improved control in glucose and insulin and is responsible for many of the changes we see with our approach – improved blood glucose and hemoglobin A1c, improved blood pressure, and often improved blood lipids, all as we lose weight.

Why it Works

Personalized Plans Just For You.

Custom Meal Plans

Everyday you will have a combination of great tasting meal replacements and one meal you cook for yourself.

1 On 1 Coaching

Weekly one on one coaching to review your progress, educate you on nutritional choices, and make plan changes to ensure you are optimizing your weight loss.

Behavior Modification

Making a lifestyle change means behavioral changes. Our coaches will work with you to understand what is working or not working for you and how to overcome any barriers to achieving your goal

Whole Body Vibration

The whole-body-vibration machines helps accelerate your weight-loss and health improvements by improving your balance, reducing arthritic pain, improving vascular flow. 

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The Better U system is a simple and straightforward approach to help our clients achieve their optimal weight through food, education and lifestyle changes.

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