Why It Works

Our system works because it's simple, easy to follow based on cutting edge science. As a client, you will have access to Better U Today meals and snacks that are portion controlled and have the right balance of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats to optimize your metabolism. Your coaches will give you tips and tricks that will help you see the results you are looking for.

Better U Meals

Better U Today will provide a delicious variety of meals, snacks and recipes. Each food choice is developed by dietitians and medical professionals to ensure you receive adequate nutrition for optimal fat burning.

Behavior Modification

Changing the way you live, eat and move will contribute to your success. Your Better U Today coach will help you with mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques, mindfulness eating, exercise prescription, and lifestyle changes to ensure  your success.

Weekly Coaching Sessions

Your coach is here to support you. We know each client is different and we will help develop a system that works for you. Based upon your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and lifestyle we will develop a specific nutrition and lifestyle plan to help you lose weight and reach your goals. Using state of the art technology we will monitor your body composition and adjust your plan as you lose weight.

Whole Body Movement

As part of your weekly coaching session, you will have access to our state of the art vibration technology. The whole-body vibration machines will help accelerate your weight loss. In normal conditions your muscles contract and relax once or twice a second, but the vibration plate stimulates your muscles to contract 30 to 50 times a second, turning that fat into lean muscle.

Mindfulness Training

In addition to your one-on-one coaching session you will have access to the latest technology to improve cognitive and emotional wellbeing. Stress and negative emotions limit our ability to think clearly, remember, learn, reason, and make effective decisions. (This helps explain why we may often act impulsively and unwisely when faced with food choices.)

The Better U Today system is dedicated to not only help you lose weight but promote mind and body well-being. Therefore, using the latest scientific advances, we can help you shift your cognitive awareness and reinforce positive feelings and emotional stability. This will positively impact the way you perceive, think, feel, and perform in all aspects of your life.

“The Better U Today system is evidence based on sound nutritional and scientific strategies to support long term weight control. The problems of overweight and obesity affect our entire society and detract from the health and well-being many people and their families. I am very happy to support Better U Today in providing real world solutions to healthy eating and improving health.”

– Dr. Rick Lindquist, MD –

“The Better U Today system is an evidence based approach to weight loss and weight maintenance. The team at Better U Today provides personalized plans and weekly coaching to help clients reach their weight and wellness goals. I am happy to support the Better U Today mission of helping individuals improve their health and wellness through diet and lifestyle support.”

– Megan Moore, RD, CSOWM, CLT, CD –

The Better U system is a simple and straightforward approach to help our clients achieve their optimal weight through food, education and lifestyle changes.

Disclaimer : Results may vary.

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