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 Dr. Jeffers joins his wife, Dr. Alicia Jeffers, as the new owners of Better U today in Lake Oswego. Dr. Kevin Jeffers takes over Better U Today with over a decade of experience in health, nutrition, exercise, and life coaching. He has coached, mentored, and supported thousands of individuals to reach their goals. Dr. Jeffers has completed extensive research and training in health and wellness with the goal of helping others achieve wellness.

Dr. Jeffers has dedicated his life to understanding the importance of the human body in relation to wellness and quality of life. In pursuit of this understanding Dr. Jeffers completed his doctorate in the field of Integrative Medicine and Health Science with specialization in Mind- Body Medicine and a Masters degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion. He has conducted research on mindfulness based stress reductions protocols, mindfulness based  eating, human performance, and exercise for adults.

As a former coach at Portland State University Dr. Jeffers has experience working to help high performance athletes reach their peak performance. He has also coached recreational runners in the community to help them reach their performance goals. Although he has worked with hundreds of athletes through the years, his knowledge and experience extends beyond athletic performance as he understands the complexities faced by individuals trying to achieve success in any aspect of their life.  He has dedicated his life to understanding the importance of quality of life and it is his passion to educate, support, and foster an environment to help others be in control of their life and reach their goals. Dr. Jeffers continues to pursue research in the field to further support the Better U Today clients. 

Dr. Jeffers is excited to take over Better U Today and help clients reach their goals.  As a former collegiate cross country and track runner Dr. Jeffers continues to enjoy running. He also enjoys spending time working on the family farm alongside his wife and daughter. 


Saybrook University- Doctorate in Integrative Medicine & Health Sciences (Mind-Body Medicine)

California University of Pennsylvania – Master In Exercise Science and Health promotion

Southern Oregon University- Bachelors in Health Education & Health Promotion


Dr. Alicia Jeffers


Dr. Alicia Jeffers is excited to join her husband, Dr. Kevin Jeffers, as the new owners of Better U Today. Dr. Jeffers was born and raised in Taos, New Mexico and had an interest in helping others reach their optimal health from a young age. As a collegiate and pre-elite athlete she received guidance from several different practitioners to reach optimal nutrition and performance. It was this introduction to integrative wellness that inspired her to become a Chiropractic Physician. She received education on nutrition and lifestyle through her programs, in addition to ongoing continuing education to further understand the complexities of nutrition and health. She is serving as the medical director for Better U Today and is looking forward to helping clients reach optimal wellness in their lives.


University of Western States- Doctor of Chiropractic

University of Western States- Bachelors in Human Biology

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